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Why Guidance IAS

Why Guidance IAS

How we are different from others?

In the last 5 years Civil service Examination has undergone a sea change. It has been an unsettling period for the civil services aspirants, and the reason is not only the change in scheme of examination but also the nature of questions being asked. This has made the teaching practices of various coaching institutes, including well established ones, obsolete as they still have a taste and fervour of the past. This has been well recognised by us here at Guidance. We have designed our programme in keeping with the contemporary requirements.

Highly Qualified and Trained Faculty

The faculty of Guidance comes from the top most educational institutes of the country. They have a vast arena of teaching experience including mentoring students for civil services examination.

Well managed classes

Assisting our team of teachers is an excellent management team which ensures that the classes are conducted in timely and hassle free manner. In fact we provide the schedule of the courses in advance to the students so that there is no confusion and students can plan their preparation. It also helps the students to keep track of the classes in case they miss any of them.

Integrated and advanced approach of Teaching

We at Guidance employ several teaching methodologies including traditional as well as contemporary teaching-aid tools in order to prepare the aspirants for all phases of exam simultaneously. We believe in bringing best for our students, hence we always try to bring innovative ideas to help our students. The special programmes comprising special writing skill enhancement programmes, mind training sessions, online test series programme, attendance reporting and test score detailing, audio video interactive and animated classes, etc. are also conducted for better clarity of students. This outstanding approach of training has borne splendid outcomes.

Analytical yet simple approach

Guidance presents multi-layered analytical and research based approach towards the exam. The thorough strategy of Guidance focuses on analysis of each topic of the syllabus from different dimensions by the experts of different subjects. It brings a complete outlook of the topic with an in-depth coverage and interlinking of different subjects. It surely reduces the efforts of students given in self-study and also the time spent in the exam hall for the analysis and interlinking of different topics into one. But despite this analytical approach we never lose sight from the fact that for the benefit of the students things must be presented in most simple and lucid manner.

Exhaustive, Relevant and Original Study Material and Test Papers

The study material and test papers are designed on the latest pattern of the exam by proficient writers under the personal guidance of the experienced faculty and is reviewed by panel of experts comprised of bureaucrats and educationalist of premier education institutes of the country. The study material is also regularly updated according to the changing requirement of the examination.

Beyond Current Affairs

Present pattern requires much more than an inclination towards current affairs, rather a holistic integration of the current affairs into the very core of the prescribed syllabus demanding rigorous and exhaustive interactive approach towards learning. Other coaching institutes leave this vital task of integration entirely to the students. But here at Guidance, along with weekly current affair updates, we also reduce the burden of the students by performing this essential task.

Personal Attention

Here at Guidance we are committed for our students 24X7. We clearly recognise that from time to time, especially in the initial stages of preparation, students require personal attention and we are totally committed for this cause. Moreover, we also understand that students coming from various backgrounds differ in terms of their grasping power as well as intelligence quotient. It is in keeping with this idea that we have developed our methodology that not only equips the students with a psychological backup but also helps even the average students to emerge as toppers like the brilliant ones. It imparts quality education among the students in such a manner that they may have an edge over others. We believe in Mind training rather than cramming.

Compensatory Classes

If a student misses out certain classes, we at Guidance ensure that he/she does not drag in the next lecture hence, we provide him/her the opportunity to attend the video lecture of the same so that he/she may ride parallel to others. Infact, if required, we allow such students to attend the missed lectures in the next batch.

Motivational Environment

Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success. The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always kept focus on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts. Such an approach becomes even more important in civil services preparation where examination process is long and challenging. Here at Guidance we constantly motivate students to develop such optimistic and never give up approach.