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About CSE

About CSE

Civil Service in India is still treated as steel frame of Indian democracy and it carries tremendous respect and enormous responsibilities. India’s crème de la crème compete for entry into the Indian Civil Services as officers. Even though corporate jobs may offer lucrative opportunities and sky rocketed salaries coupled with attractive perks, a majority of youngsters and their parents still yearn to enter into the coveted Indian Civil Service examination held by the UPSC despite the competition being nerve wrecking and befuddling for them. The lion share of every year’s examination goes to the professionals who dreamt big and driven by larger picture of life which shows that entry into prestigious civil service is still a dream for the best brains of this country. Guidance is completely dedicated to the civil services aspirants preparing for this premier exam and guides them through the exams and gives them the tools to study well and prepare well. We care for your dream career.